2-Way and 3-Way switch together in one box.

by Scott
(St Cloud, MN USA)

I have two switches on the wall in our kitchen near the entry. In adding the entry years ago, they must have capped off some wiring to a light that no longer exists as one of the switches does nothing. The other switch turned the light in the ceiling entry on and off. Not thinking that another light switch by the front door did the same, I disconnected all of this wiring to just put it behind a flat cover and then my wife put a picture over it. Now with the entry light not working we have one of two options, at least I hope we do.

We would like to somehow connect all of the wires in this box so that the one entry switch works for the light and the other box in the kitchen can again have the cover put over it and nobody know it is there. That is our better option.

The other option is to re-wire as it was. I did not pay much attention as to how the wires were on the switches when they were removed. That is my major dilemma. All of the wiring has ground wires so I can eliminate the need to worry about any of that.

One four wire cable coming from the lower left has a black, a white, a red and the ground wire. The black, white and red just had wire nuts put on prior to my putting them back in the box.

The second cable is on the lower right and it has black, white and ground wires. It also has a cable running up above it at the top right of the box with the same three wire cable. The two white wires are together with a nut that was already there. The two black wires had the nuts added and also put back in the box.

My issue is, how can I accomplish our first choice with connecting which wires to which to make it just a connector box. If not possible, which wires go where on two switches to again accomplish what I undid?

Thank you

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