4 way switch video

Even though your diagram and video were helpful, you left out one important factor on your video. Where the source of power is coming in to ( switch, light, etc. ).It would have saved me a lot of time knowing that information.
Thank you

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Feb 04, 2017
by: Anonymous

That is correct. A 4-way switch is only a continuation of a 3 way circuit. The power coming into a 3 way circuit is is limited to coming in at 1st 3 way switch or the load end. If it comes into the circuit at the 4 way switch it would just be traveling through switch box and on to the next 3 way switch box. Wouldn't make much since.

Jan 31, 2017
4-Way Switch Video
by: Gary

To unknown poster:

Thanks for your comment. A 4-way switch is for adding an additional switch in a 3-way switch circuit. The 4-way switch can ONLY go in between the (2) 3-way switches. Therefore, You are hooking up ONLY the traveler wires from one 3-way switch coming in and traveler wires from the 3-way switch going out..So then where the power is coming into the circuit is not an issue.

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