Help? Where to solder 3 wires

So i have this antique clock that is able to play different types of music and it was from my grandmother's generation and 2 wires from the battery area came out and i have no idea where am i supposed to solder the 2 wires. The 2 wires are green. There is one more blue wire that was from the circuit board and i assumed that it belonged to the battery pin so i soldered it. The battery area uses 3 batteries. I believe 1 battery is to power the clock while the other 2 battery is to power the speaker as 1 of the battery slot looks like its by its own self while the other 2 battery slots seems to be connected to each other. Can anyone advice me on where to solder the 2 wires? (3 wires if the blue wire that i soldered to the battery pin is wrong) Thank you in advance!

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Feb 11, 2017
3 Battery Clock wiring
by: Gary

To Un-Named Poster...

Unfortunately I can't make out much on your pictures. It looks as if the red is connected. This will be the positive off of the batteries. The other wires are the ones hard to determine since the pictures do not show how their connected at the battery side. I do know nothing from the batteries should be hooked to the speaker. Speakers do not require power, only signal which should come from the circuit board. I would look very hard at solder points on the board for solder marks which looks like a solder joint has been disturbed. you may have a dual power source going on there, where one circuit requires 1 battery source and another requires 2, possibly 3 battery power source. A name or number of the product if there is one would be a great bonus to search for possible wiring diagram. I know this doesn't help but maybe one of my visitors will see this and can chime in with some assistance.

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