kiddie ride electro-mechanical timer wiring?

by Michael
(Newmarket, Suffolk, UK)

I am afraid I am a complete novice but competent at implementing things. I am restoring an old kiddie ride and I need to trigger a timer to activate the motor for a set period of time.

The elements that I have are...

1. A coin mechanism that trips a microswitch to turn on the ride.
2. A 240v electric motor to power the ride
3. A vintage electro-mechanical relay/timer.

I would like to be able to insert a coin that latches the motor on for the duration of the electro-mechanical timer that then turns off the motor until the next coin is added.

here are some pictures of the parts i have....

I do not know if i have all the parts i need to make it work as required? Any help much appreciated.

Thanks, Michael

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Jul 22, 2017

by: Gary


By the looks of this unit and the age of which it is, I would have to stick a volt meter on the circuits to verify proper voltage is getting through the timer contacts. The transformer looks very weathered and possibly not putting out the required voltage. Also the timer itself could be stuck in a single position and not able to change states. Therefore I can not be of much help on this without having it directly in front of me. I would assume the transformer is lowering the incoming voltage from 220v down to 120v household circuit voltage and the controls/timer are working with that. If you know how to use a volt meter, I suggest checking the voltage on the secondary side of the transformer to see if anything is even coming out.

Sorry I can't be much help on this. Good luck and thanks for visiting.

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