Say No To Dryer Shock

by Jay Quinn
(Tucson, AZ USA)

My dryer was originally installed by a professional with a 4-prong cord. The place we just moved into has a 3-prong outlet, so after looking online, changing the cord is what I need to do. I read your 3-prong cord page, which I found very informative ^_^ but I'm left with two questions. In your picture & instructions (if I understood them correctly) I am to attach the white wire (I'm holding) & a ground strap to the center (neutral) terminal. Question #1: I do not have a ground strap, do I have to get one? Question #2: If so, how & where would I attach it? For example, one side to the terminal & the other side to where my finger is? Just to clarify, where I am pointing is where the green wire was from the 4-prong cord, so I'm using it as a reference.

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Sep 02, 2017

by: Gary


The white wire your holding will attach to the hole your pointing at - This is where the green wire was attached when you had a 4-wire setup. Now your green wire from the cord will attach to the center terminal. Dryer is now grounded. You won't need a strap because the white wire is taking place of the strap.

Hope this helps and thanks for visiting.

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