Component Diagrams for Home Theater

Component diagrams can be the easiest way to make sense out of the rats nest behind your television set. If you just bought a new device or just moving and reconnecting what you already have, I hope I can be of some help.

Connecting components can be very complicated with todays technology because of all the various configurations and device options. Of course I can't cover them all without spending a lifetime producing the information, but I believe if anyone understands the basic theory involved in combination with good diagrams, the end result can be accomplished.

Below is a list of the most sought after diagrams. Most of them consist of latest technology and connectivity options. Hopefully these are helpful to those in need of this information, but I'm also going to get into basic connections for those who have the some-what older components without infrared, HDMI and so on.

Newer Component Diagrams

That will give you the ultimate results using todays latest technologies.

All-In-One Home Theater

Standard TV


Standard DVD



Blu-ray Disc Player

Satellite/Digital Cable

A/V Receiver

Surround Sound

DTV Converter