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Basic House Wiring

Wiring Diagrams
How to wire a 2-Way Switch------------------Switch Terminology
How to wire a 3-Way Switch------------------Romex Cable Description
How to wire a 4-Way Switch
How to wire an Outlet
How to wire a Ceiling Fan
How to wire a Dryer Cord
How to wire a Dryer Outlet
How to wire a Thermostat

Misc Around The House Wiring

How to wire a Trailer
How to wire Landscape Lights
Connecting Computer Components

Home Theater Component Connections

Home Theater Diagram
Standard TV Diagram
HDTV Diagram
Standard DVD Diagram
HD-DVD Diagram
Blu-ray Diagram
DVR/PVR Diagram
Satellite/Cable Diagram
A/V Receiver Diagram
Surround Sound Diagram
DTV Converter Diagram

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Wiring Diagram List

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Basic 2-Way Switch

How to Wire a 2 Way Switch

Basic 3-Way Switch

How to wire a 3 Way Switch

Basic 4-Way Switch

How to Wire a 4 Way Switch

2-Outlets in Series

How to Wire an Outlet

Dryer Outlets

How to wire a Dryer Outlet

Dryer Connections

How to wire a Dryer Cord

Thermostat Wiring

How to Wire a Thermostat

Ceiling Fan

How to Wire a Ceiling Fan Diagram

Trailer Wiring

How to Wire a Trailer Diagram