Surround Sound Diagram

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Surround Sound Diagram pdf

Surround Sound Wiring Diagram

The surround sound diagram shows how speaker cables provide the final, critical link from your AV receiver to the only components that actually produce sound - your speakers. As a result, these connections can be some of the most important in your system.

• Ordinary, thin-gauge speaker cable often delivers inferior sound quality, constraining power and dynamic range -- the range from the softest to the loudest sounds.

• For the deepest, tightest bass, widest dynamic range and the cleanest highs, use high-performance Monster Cable. Monster's quality speaker cables provide maximum soundstage, imaging, and depth.

• Not all subwoofers are connected by way of a speaker cable. Some use a single, special subwoofer interconnect cable. Monster's subwoofer cable retains all the body and integrity of even the lowest bass signals.